“Initially, I was skeptical about coaching. But, from the start Paula was engaging. She’s “been there and done that” as an executive. She understands the total person through listening and asking key questions. I now see myself in a different light. I’m walking away with a far better understanding of my value to the organization, when to have those difficult conversations, and how to operate more effectively. I’m also now convinced of the value of executive coaching.”

Associate Director, Purchasing

“In one word, my coaching experience was “Fantastic!” Compared to other leadership development opportunities, it was more practical. We discussed real situations. I not only achieved my coaching goals but also improved my leadership ability especially in the area of “soft-skills”. I also learned a lot just by interacting with my coach. I am applying what I experienced of Paula’s listening style and patience as I work with my staff.”

Manager, International Audit Program

“In my coaching packet, I indicated that I wanted a coach who was warm and direct with a good sense of humor. Paula absolutely had all of those attributes. Paula challenged me to think differently and explore areas within myself that I might not have done otherwise. Through Paula’s encouragement I found a voice within me that I didn’t know existed and newfound motivation. I was very comfortable with Paula and found it very easy to discuss things that I would hesitate to share with anyone outside of family and very close friends. Paula brings a wealth of knowledge to the sessions and I consider her to be highly effective.”

Director, Human Resources Program Services

“I could talk comfortably about whatever was detracting from my quality of life without fear of judgment. Or fear that it would be shared with anyone else. Often you just need to be able to talk things out so you can clear your head and regain focus. Paula is a great listener. I felt we could broach any subject.”

Chief Learning Officer

“Paula has been a delight to work with. She immediately made me feel at ease, which was important because I had never worked with a coach before. She has helped me stretch my comfort zone. With her patient and effective coaching, I have been able to get my group on better footing. Paula helped me improve my communication skills. As a result of the coaching I have improved the directness in my communication with the staff. I’ve learned how to be much more explicit about what I expect and take more care to understand if my expectations are clearly understood and acted upon. This has also improved my personal life, for which I am very grateful.”

PhD Scientist

“Paula took on the job of helping me adopt new/different techniques of dealing with difficult employees and helping me balance work and family. Ms. Lowe’s coaching has allowed me to succeed in building a Division that previously had a 60% attrition rate to virtually a zero attrition rate. In the previous employee climate survey our scores indicated we did not deal with poor performers and that has been reversed in the current employee climate survey. Our Division is one where the best and brightest want to work. I consider the turnaround in the Division to be a direct result of Ms. Lowe’s coaching.”

SES, Federal Service, Finance

*Names of clients are not listed to maintain confidentiality. References provide a flavor for the style and outcomes of coaching.