An Investment in the Best and the Brightest

The organizations where we work view coaching as an investment in their best and brightest. Our coaching clients are executives, mid-level managers, new managers and high performing/high potential individual contributors who work in corporations, the federal government, non-profits and education. We focus on helping leaders and their organizations obtain tangible benefits from the coaching. Our clients have a desire to use coaching to grow and explore ways to increase their leadership impact and career fulfillment. They are open-minded and are willing to challenge themselves. Coaching clients “own” the coaching – they set the agenda of what and how they wish to focus each coaching session.


The foundation of coaching is confidentiality. Through a one – on -one confidential relationship with a trusted, objective third party, the leader can reflect upon their hopes and challenges and take action.


A valuable benefit of coaching is for the client to gain greater self-awareness. Research supports this: high self-awareness is correlated with excellence in leadership. We ask thought provoking questions and listen at a deep level — to what is said, how it is said and what is not said! In addition, we use 360 assessments and interviews when they relate to a client’s goals. The information we gather is shared only with the leader we are coaching.


We provide honest, direct feedback to our clients, as appropriate, to help them reach their goals.

Straight Talk

As former executives in organizations we have walked in our clients shoes. We talk in direct, clear language and avoid jargon.

Best Practices

We believe that sharing frameworks and best practices with clients can help them see situations from new perspectives and make breakthroughs.


As we grow to know our clients, we genuinely care about each of the leaders we coach. We empathize with their challenges; celebrate their successes and always provide an environment of support without judgment.


We pride ourselves on helping our clients attain the results they seek from coaching. We spend time helping our clients clarify and set the most important goals for their coaching. And we recognize that the real work of coaching happens through the client’s actions between sessions. Clients make commitments after each coaching session about tangible steps they will take to move their goals forward.

What’s in a name??

Paula founded the company and named it for herself …and named it for the phonetics: phlowe or flow. In Psychology, the state of flow is associated with being totally immersed in the current activity such that we lose a sense of time and feel energized and fulfilled. This sense of flow eludes many people in work and life. With the sped-up pace of the world too many feel the best they can hope for is to manage stress or get by as best they can. Coaching is a time to explore when you have experienced flow with a goal of increasing the frequency of these instances. We wish to help you tap into your best self to make a greater impact in your career and find greater fulfillment in your relationships and life.