For New Managers: A customized blend of coaching and one-on-one training

You are probably being promoted because you have proven yourself to be dedicated and excellent at your job. Congratulations on that important accomplishment! Yet, the irony is your management job requires a very different skill set — the ability to NOT do the work yourself.

Even if your management role includes continuing to do some of the work while managing others, your success now hinges on a host of new skills such as motivating others, delegating, teaching, dealing with staff who are less committed or talented, giving direction, giving feedback, balancing caring with a focus on accountability and results. If you can master this new role you are creating a future with many options. Transition to Management will help you achieve mastery quickly.

Transition to Management overcomes some of the common challenges of traditional training for new managers:


It is available just when needed.

You can start coaching as soon as you are ready.  No need to wait for courses to be available.


It’s efficient.

We work with you on the competencies that are applicable to you. We will customize the focus areas to be addressed based on your priorities and input from your immediate manager.


We focus on application not theory.

For example, most management courses teach how to give constructive feedback. Here you will receive a framework for feedback and one-on-one attention to help you apply it to a real life situation you are facing on the job.


You transfer the skills to the job immediately.

This insures greater success and retention of the learning.  You will complete focused assignments between coaching sessions that help you enhance your management techniques immediately.


Effective management is more than mastering skills.

Greater self-awareness is important for lasting growth.  For example, all of us make assumptions and act on them as if they are facts.  What are your assumptions and can you test them to see if they are correct so you expand your options for action?  What worries or obstacles prevent you from taking action in the ways you want to?  Through questioning techniques and feedback you will increase your self-awareness and have greater choice in how your react, especially when you are under stress.


You may take advantage of 360 interviews or assessment instruments to increase your self-awareness.

The results are confidential — shared only with you and nobody else within your organization.