Coaching for New Managers

Your move into management is one of the most important career changes you will make. And your success in the role is critical to the organization. The Transition to Management Program is designed to help you deepen your competence and confidence in your new role quickly.

Coaching for Experienced Leaders

How do you want to grow as a leader? What would give you greater fulfillment in your work and life? How can you have a greater impact on your organization? Coaching provides an opportunity to think about and act on these important issues that are often pushed into the background because of the urgent daily demands of the job. You will do this with a confidential thought partner who has no agenda other than to support you. Your leadership coaching is fully customized. Your responsibility is to be open to taking a step back from your day-to-day pressures to think bigger picture about your career and to be willing to do some work between sessions to move you toward your goals and aspirations.