For HR and Performance Development Professionals

We can assist HR and Performance Development Leaders build a business case for coaching.  Here are some resources for building a business case for coaching and developing a coaching program for your organization.

AN OFFER:  I am interested in working with an organization to measure the impact of the Transition to Management program and to publish research on this.  Will need an “experiment” group who participates in this program and a control group who does not to compare results. Discounted prices for participants in this program.  Contact me for more information.  Paula


Harvard Management Update: Making the Most of Your Coaching Program, Andrew Park, Sept 2007, Vol 12 No 9


“Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching”, The Manchester Review 2001. Volume 6 No 1


AMA Coaching Report – Current Trends and Future Possibilities 2008 -2018


CEB Corporate Leadership Council and Learning and Development Leadership Council.

This is an independent best practices research organization.  They make a wealth of research available to member organizations.  Some titles of their research include:

  • Executive Coaching and Business Needs
  • Maximizing Returns on Coaching
  • ROI of Executive Coaching
  • Managing Coaches to Performance Standards